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Do you meet your Heavy Vehicle Chain of Responsibility obligations?


Changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law which came into effect from October 2018 have reinforced to all parties in the supply chain that they have obligations to reduce the risk from heavy vehicle transport.

Failure to meet these obligations can lead to heavy fines for customers as well as transport operators and anyone involved in the supply chain.

When you use Conplant for the hire, purchase or transport of compaction equipment, you can be sure our activities fully meet the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements of the Heavy Vehicle National Law. That, in turn, helps you meet your CoR obligations.

Let’s look at the changes to the laws, and the measures Conplant has in place to ensure we’re compliant.

What the changes mean

The Heavy Vehicle National Law, which operates in all Australian states and territories (except WA and NT which have similar laws), now requires everyone involved in the supply chain to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that any heavy vehicle transport activity does not create a risk to the public.

Customers have an obligation to demonstrate that they done everything reasonably practicable to ensure that the transport activities of their suppliers meet very strict obligations for:

• Speed, rest breaks and scheduling
• Mass and dimensions of the load
• Load restraint
• Vehicle roadworthiness

The CoR obligations means that customers have to demonstrate they have taken steps to satisfy themselves that their heavy vehicle transport suppliers have systems in place so that, amongst other things:

• Drivers comply with speed limits and do not breach rest and break requirements;
• Transport vehicles are suitable for the load
• The load is properly restrained
• Heavy transport vehicles have been properly maintained

How Conplant helps you meet the CoR requirements

Conplant has well-established systems, procedures and processes—backed by rigorous training and auditing—that ensure our supply and transport of compaction machines complies fully with the CoR obligations.

This covers both Conplant’s heavy vehicle drivers and the transport contractors that Conplant uses.

Conplant has been implementing systems and processes to ensure full compliance with these obligations for several years. Reducing risk and ensuring safety for our employees, contractors and customers has always been our number one priority.
As an initiative to assist customers, Conplant has also developed Heavy Vehicle National Law CoR Management Plans which are specifically tailored for our hire customers to demonstrate how we continue to achieve compliance.

The plans make it easy for our customers to demonstrate how they are meeting their CoR obligations when they use Conplant for their compaction equipment needs.