Conplant introduces an additional drive option available for the popular Ammann AP240PTR range in Australia.

The AP240 Pneumatic Tyred Roller is Ammann’s most popular model worldwide and provides excellent riding characteristics on all types of compacted material.


The Ammann AP240 is a universal, fast, reliable and the best performing PTR worldwide.

Ballasting options available range from 9 up to 24 Tonnes with the new “easy load” ballasting system with four ballasting boxes located in a rack under the mainframe providing easy adjustment of the machines weight. Ballasting flexibility is completed by 3 cubic meters of ballasting space which can be filled with water or material. Air-on-run pressurizing system also allowing the contact or “point pressure” to be adjusted according to material on various worksites. 

One concept, two propulsion options

The AP240 Pneumatic tyred roller is flexible in design and provides the possibility of two different propulsion concepts which can be equipped with either Hydrostatic or Hydromechanic / Powershift propulsion systems.