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Last week Conplant took our ROPS2 safety technology on a roadshow along the eastern seaboard, providing demonstrations to a number of leading civil construction companies.
ROPS2 stands for Roll Over Preventative System. It’s our own patented technology, which warns vibrating roller operators of a potential for rollover with two-stage warning and function management.
Morgan Rose, Guy Tome, Paul Zeinert and Chris Hawkes from Conplant took our newly refurbished ROPS2 safety trailer out to multiple sites to chat with the people on the front line about safety.

Over two days they showed ROPS2 to around 150 Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety Management Teams, Leading Hands, Operators and Plant Managers. These sessions were aimed at reinforcing the need for, and benefits of the Conplant patented safety technology.
In all, Conplant conducted eight information sessions to major contractors and their operational teams.

Safety is of the utmost importance to all contractors – especially on major projects with multiple machines operating over large areas for extended periods of time.
With technologies like ROPS2, or our Unmanned Roller and the new Intelligent Collision Avoidance System (IICAS), Conplant aims to eliminate rollovers and greatly reduce incidents on site. Our number one priority is keeping operators safe and our customers’ jobs on time and on budget.
That’s why the ROPS2 presentations were so warmly received by the civil contractors and major project personnel involved in the delivery of infrastructure projects currently underway.
The BBQ probably didn’t hurt either.

Overall, the feedback was extremely positive with contractors wanting to minimise risk and keep their employees as safe as possible, so we’re likely to see an even bigger demand for our unique safety technologies in the near future.
Currently, a large majority of our vibrating rollers are fitted with ROPS2. As the rollout continues, we’re looking forward to seeing even more happy and safe operators as we visit sites and expand our footprint across Australia.
Thanks to Guy Tome for delivering multiple information sessions for the contractors, Morgan Rose and Paul Zeinert for helping organise and run the sessions, and Chris Hawkes for helping with setup, taking photos and cooking a BBQ for 50 hungry road workers at 6am.
Also, a big thank you to the Conplant Workshop Teams and Branch Managers behind the scenes who helped get the equipment ready for the roadshow.
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