Gina Dreis

Gina Dreis

Chief Financial Officer

Tell us about your role at Conplant.

I’m Conplant’s CFO. I manage the finance team. There are six of us in the team and we look after all the normal things like the accounts, debtors, compliance, business reporting, budgets, risk management and forecasting. Being a support function, we also talk to people right across the business. One of the more exciting things we’ve had the chance to work on is developing, scoping and implementing our own ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. We did shop around for an off-the-shelf system, but nothing quite did what we needed it to do – so we built our own!

How long have you been at Conplant?

I’ve been with Conplant 10 years. I started as a Finance Manager and came through the ranks.

How has Conplant changed in that time?

When I first started at Conplant, we had an asphalt business based in New Zealand, then we took on a construction equipment business… we eventually got out of both of those and focused on our core business, compaction equipment. Now we’re seeing continual growth which is fantastic.

How is Conplant growing?

We recently completed the acquisition of another compaction company called Compaction Australia. It was actually a very smooth and streamlined process. We did all the financial modelling and analysis, so we knew it was a good fit for our business. From a people perspective, they really fit the culture – so there were no ifs or buts about it really. We’ve just purchased 30 Caterpillar machines to meet the increasing demand as well.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Conplant?

The people. They’re like family to me – I’ve felt like that ever since I started at Conplant. It’s a family business with the culture that goes with it. It’s like working with your best mates. They’re the kind of people you could definitely have a BBQ with. We’re quite particular about who comes in – we want people that will fit in with our culture. The lines of communication are open, we’re all approachable and here to support each other.

What does a normal day look like?

Of course, being a finance department, we have plenty of deadlines and things that have to be done regularly. But different things come up all the time – especially from a strategic point of view. It’s a good mix. And of course, there’s always something ready to put a spanner in the works – we just have to stay on top of it all!