Safety through innovation and collaboration: the Conplant way

Safety through innovation and collaboration: the Conplant way

Conplant Innovation and Technology Leading The Way In Safety And Productivity

Innovation is part of who we are.

In fact, it’s precisely our ability to continuously transform and evolve our compaction equipment fleet that makes us unique.

So, when you work with us, you know you’re getting access to the industry’s most innovative, intelligent compaction technology to ensure that the job gets done right.

We’re proud of our track record for introducing new technologies to the Australian market, including in-house developments that respond directly to the toughest challenges our customers have thrown at us.

Our close partnership with equipment manufacturers and active collaboration with our customers means we can deliver global best practice to maximise safety, quality and productivity.

The Experts In Intelligent Compaction Technology

If you want to improve productivity and quality on your next compaction job, we can provide the Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE) to match your needs.

From basic compaction meter functions to fully automated Intelligent Compaction systems, we can help you measure soil bearing strength, instantaneously and automatically adjust compaction parameters (including amplitude and frequency) and use GPS to map the results on your site.

Remote control machines aren’t new to our industry. But the system we’ve developed is.

Reduce your rollover headaches with our proprietary protection system.

The Intelligent Collision Avoidance System (IICAS) is the latest innovation from Conplant, two years in the making.

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