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When compacting right up to the edge of a surface, such as freshly laid concrete slabs or curbs, the smallest manual error could potentially cause a huge amount of damage.

We’ve partnered with the team at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to engineer an automated steering control technology which can detect the edge of a surface and keep the roller clear.

We are currently in the trial phase testing this new technology in the field – it’s called I-Steer Edge Control.

How does it work?​

Utilising sensors to automate the steering of the compaction machine, I-Steer Edge Control prevents movement and directional changes by maintaining a consistent path when working alongside an edge, barrier or wall.

  • Sensors automate steering for even and precise compaction.
  • Compacts up to a measured distance (typically between 5-10cm) from the edge without touching it.
  • Intuitively provides an ‘extra set of eyes’ when an operators’ visibility is reduced.

How will it benefit you?​

I-Steer allows the operator to continue compacting at optimum speed without the need to slow down, or potentially stop, while carefully negotiating the pavement edge. I-Steer avoids edge collision resulting in reduced costs to repair damaged edges, so work isn’t delayed while damaged pavements are returned to specification.

  • Prevents potential damage and possible repair costs
  • Keeps a worksite operating at peak capacity and run time
  • Restricts the possibility of missed compaction points

Where can edge control machinery be used?​

If you’re using compaction equipment, chances are you are working right up against a curb or concrete slabs laid in road construction. And if you’ve ever compacted road-base or soil right to the edge before, you probably understand how important edge control technology will be to help reduce potential damage or poor compaction work.

  • On any worksite using compaction equipment next to curbs or concrete slabs
  • Compaction projects maintaining a gap between 5-10cm from the edge
  • Anywhere where operator visibility is compromise

What machinery is equipped with edge control technology?​

We are currently field testing this technology and hope to roll it out to all of our customers across Australia very soon.

We have plans to fit I-Steer to a range of articulated soil rollers including smooth, padfoot, tandem and combo rollers.

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