Meet Gina Dries

Gina Dreis

Chief Financial Officer

As a qualified Chartered Accountant and with 14 years of experience at Conplant, Gina Dreis is our Chief Financial Officer and, quite frankly, without her expertise and dedicated finance team staying on top of everything, especially from a strategic point of view, Conplant would be a far different place today.

“There are five of us in the team and we look after all the normal things like the accounts, debtors, compliance, business reporting, budgets, risk management and forecasting. Being a support function, we also talk to people right across the business.”

During her time at Conplant, Gina helped pioneer Conplant’s very own Enterprise Resource Planning system. There was a real need for an ERP system, but after shopping around and discovering the off-the-shelf systems weren’t exactly what Conplant was looking for, Gina and her team decided to just build their very own – and it’s served us tremendously.

And the thing that Gina loves most about working at Conplant?

“The people. They’re like family to me – I’ve felt like that ever since I started at Conplant. It’s a family business with the culture that goes with it. It’s like working with your best mates”.

“They’re the kind of people you could definitely have a BBQ with. We’re quite particular about who comes in – we want people that will fit in with our culture. The lines of communication are open, we’re all approachable and here to support each other”.

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