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5 reasons you need a Wacker Neuson Dingo

By Liam Brosnan
May 20, 2022

In our previous blog we were talking all about how mini loaders can help you move dirt, rock or other hard fill and landscape materials in tight or narrow access places. We know mini loaders are extremely handy on site – but which brand should you be getting?

In this article we’ll talk you through our great range of mini loaders available from Wacker Neuson.

Unbeatable experience and unique design

Did you know Dingo was the original mini loader first produced in 1991? The current Wacker Neuson by Dingo Australia range represents the pinnacle of nearly 30 years of Dingo innovation. What comes to mind when you hear the words 30 years? Experience, knowledge and reliability. 

The Wacker Neuson by Dingo is still the only mini loader on the market that stands no taller than 1225mm. With its varying widths (depending on the wheel/tyre size) it can fit through a standard doorway on narrow wheels, unlike any other machine. 

Its uniquely designed flow divider helps increase performance and complements the engine and hydraulic pump combination. This engine and pump combination provides the ultimate in power and control when using the high flow attachments – which keeps you running for longer with better performance on site.

So, now that you’ve got a better understanding of what mini loaders are, let’s dive deeper!

Eight reasons why you need a Wacker Neuson mini loader

  • Fabricated arms with dry bushing technology help ensure greater machine life without daily greasing.
  • The most powerful hydraulic pump in its class to maximise hydraulic capabilities, and pump pressures for any industry and job site. 
  • Steel hydraulic piping wherever possible instead of hoses, to keep oil cooler. 
  • 90-degree angles are eliminated wherever possible to help reduce friction.
  • Uniquely designed flow divider complements the engine and hydraulic pump combination. 
  • Daily maintenance and periodical service time is reduced, resulting in more time on the job.
  • Best lift-to-weight ratio enabling bigger buckets and greater lifting forces.
  • Low centre of gravity provides improved ground engagement to limit the risk of slip, and improves turning speed and tractive forces in tougher environments.

Let’s get attached.

If you’re thinking the Wacker Neuson Mini Loader by Dingo Australia is looking pretty good, get ready for more – because this mini loader has 100 different attachments available to suit your varying requirements on site. 

Whether it’s a general purpose bucket, 3-in–1 grab, trencher, power broom, log splitter, rotary hoe or stump grinder – you’ll be spoiled for choice with just how much you can do on site with one of these mini loaders.

For a detailed attachment list, contact our experienced team on 1300 166 166.

Are you a wheel or track kind of person?

You don’t need another decision to make –  so we’ve created a list of pros and cons of wheeled and tracked units to help you determine which side of the fence you sit on.

Wheeled units

Advantages: work well on level surfaces including asphalt or concrete, easier on landscaped surfaces.

Disadvantages: tyres wear out quicker than tracks, four points of contact can result in bogging or sinking in soft mud surfaces. 

Tracked units

Advantages: ideal for wet or muddy environments, smoother ride in most situations, improved capability on slopes due to lower centre of gravity. 

Disadvantages: more difficult and costly to replace a track, very hard on concrete and asphalt and a bit trickier when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.  

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the release of two new models to the Wacker Neuson Dingo range: our SM275-18 and SM275-20 models. Both units will run smaller 20 HP engines and will be available in both petrol and diesel variants with either tracks or wheels. 

To chat more about our types of tyres, or get some advice on which mini loader suits your site better, give our experts a call on 1300 166 166.

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