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Conplant acquires Landpac Asia-Pacific

By Liam Brosnan
October 26, 2021

Conplant has announced the acquisition of Landpac Asia-Pacific as it continues it's commitment to expanding it's capabilities, services and geographical footprint.

As Australia’s largest compaction specialist, Conplant’s addition of impact compaction is a natural fit and enhances its offering and capabilities.

No jobs will be affected by the acquisition, and Conplant is thrilled to bring the additional expertise of Landpac staff into the family.

“Not only are we acquiring a great range of high-energy impact compactors – but the whole Landpac Asia-Pacific team is staying on board,” said Conplant Managing Director Ian Coleman.

“Like most businesses, people are key. The average tenure with Landpac’s team is around 20 years, so the specialist knowledge and passion runs deep. They’re genuinely excited, as we are, about the opportunity of growing the business in the region.”

Conplant plans to quadruple Landpac’s capacity in Australia by mid 2022, which will have significant benefits for existing and future Landpac customers in the region.

“The Singapore based business will be grown in line with increasing demand for impact compaction in the region. The Singapore operation was established in 2017 and has performed strongly since,” said Mr Coleman.

Landpac will trade as Landpac Technologies Pty Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary of Conplant. There is no change for Landpac’s existing customers with regards to people, contacts, payment details and contractual agreements. Conplant Pty Ltd has purchased the shares of Landpac Technologies Pty Ltd, and as such the company remains unchanged apart from its shareholding.

Landpac’s Australian Technical Director, Matt Clenton said, “We’re excited about our future, both as a business and as individuals. Having access to Conplant’s geographical footprint and their service, support and transport capabilities will improve our business and allow us to grow.

“The Conplant team have been great to deal with and there’s a tangible level of enthusiasm and positive energy. We’re really looking forward to taking the Landpac business to the next level.”

“We’re looking forward to growing further into the region” said Landpac’s Asia technicl director, Simon Dix. 

“We have extensive experience in Asia and our customers are pleased with the results that impact compaction can deliver. Nothing really changes for our customers other than us having the additional support of Conplant which will allow us to grow. It’s all positive.”

Ian Coleman went on to say “On a personal note, I’m married with four children as a direct result of Landpac. I met my wife in South Africa in 1996 who was working for Landpac at the time. So I’m not sure if I owe Landpac, or if they still owe me! laughing… but seriously, the connection for me couldn’t be any stronger.”

Landpac's continuous impact response (CIR) ground improvement verification systems are believed to be unique worldwide.

 CIR maps the areas being compacted, measures impact response or resistance and measures settlement.


Impact compactors are capable of compacting at greater depths and at much higher production rates than traditional compaction equipment. High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC) can deliver results where conventional compaction equipment cannot be used cost-effectively or efficiently.


  Vibrating Roller              Impact Compactor
Depth of influence   200-500mm 5 meters
Operating speed 4-6km/h 16km/h
Amplitude 1.8-2.2mm 230mm (fall height)

Ranges are general and based on a range of brands of single drum vibrating rollers and a 3-sided impact compactor.


  • Deep in-situ compaction
  • Proof rolling
  • Compaction of a dredged marine sands
  • Treatment of materials with a high collapsible potential
  • Compaction of landfills
  • Accelerated consolidation
  • Rehabilitation of quarries and mines
  • Thick lift compaction
  • Compaction of rock fill
  • Permeability reduction
  • Coal discard compaction
  • Treatment of unsurfaced roads
  • Treatment of dry materials


Conplant worked closely with Landpac to introduce 3-sided and 5-sided Landpac Impact Compactors into Australia from 1996 to 1998. During that time, Conplant gained a solid understanding of impact compaction applications and was excited by its overall potential.

In 1998, Landpac moved its focus to international project work and the Landpac/Conplant working relationship amicably ceased.


HEIC involves the transfer of compaction energy into the soil by means of the lifting and falling motion of non-circular rotating masses.

The rotation of such masses (or drums) to their highest point results in an effective potential energy build-up. Further rotation of these masses results in the conversion of this potential energy into a falling kinetic energy, which is transferred to the soil upon the impact of the lowest point of the masses with the surface of the soil.

The amount of energy transferred, in the form of compactive effort, is closely related to the amount of potential energy generated in the lifting process.


Landpac Asia-Pacific is made up of two main companies, Landpac Technologies Pty Ltd (Australia) and its subsidiary, Compaction Engineering Pte Ltd (Singapore). These were established and operational in 1996 and 2017 respectively.

The business has extensive experience in Australia and Singapore and has completed projects in New Zealand and Malaysia.

The key management team of Landpac Asia-Pacific have just under 20 years average tenure each with Landpac.


Conplant is Australia’s largest compaction specialist, offering hire, sales, parts and service across its 10 branches nationwide, and by freight all over Australia.

Established in 1961, Conplant is a 100% owned Australian family business providing the construction industry with world-class compaction equipment and expert advice.

With more than 1000 rollers in its hire fleet, and a multimillion-dollar parts inventory across Australia, Conplant offers the perfect mix of compaction equipment along with award-winning customer service delivered by the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the game.

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