How a compact excavator is helping to drive profitability

By Guy Tome
December 15, 2020

Dig your way to better performance with a compact excavator

We all know that maintaining profit margins on each job is challenging. But with the right machine—like the Wacker Neuson ET18 compact excavator—you’ll find it’s much easier to stay in the black.

But don’t just take our word for it! For structural landscapers, Todd and Alex from URBANscape, the ET18 VDS is a compact excavator that drives profitability by being such a productive, efficient, and easy-to-maintain machine.

Efficient hydraulic flow that's perfect for drilling

While most people are looking for breakout force when assessing an excavator, Todd looks at hydraulic flow.

And with its maximum flow rate of 23.8 l/min, the Wacker Neuson ET18 compact excavator is the little machine delivering big results.

“With our particular job, we don’t target an excavator so much for its breakout force… we go for hydraulic flow because we’re running a 450ml drill, which is normally suitable for a 3 to 6-tonne machine,” says Todd.

“What we’ve found with these Wackers is that they put out a really good hydraulic flow, so that gives us the ability to run the augers to do the big pier holes,” says Todd.

But if you are looking at breakout force, the ET18 still packs a powerful 18.8 kN punch. Its powerful diesel engine and hydraulic system increase the digging and pulling power by 30% compared to similar sized excavators. This means you’ll get greater all-round productivity with the ET18.

And as Todd says, “As far as standard digging goes, the machine is 10/10.”

Save time with the ET18's smart design

The ET18 has many smart features that are quickly making this little excavator the envy of earthworks operators.

The Vertical Digging System (VDS) saves time, and gives operators a safer, stable, more comfy ride.

“With the VDS, which is the hydraulic tilt attachment under the machine, it works fantastic if you’re on sloping ground and want to keep the cabin level. The VDS on this machine is 10/10… I wouldn’t buy another machine without VDS.”

The ET18’s VDS works on ground with a gradient up to 27%, allowing operators to get into those hard-to-reach hard spots that they couldn’t access on another machine.

The extra-long pins also lead to increasing the ET18’s all-round efficiency.

“Because it’s got much bigger pins, your intervals between greasings, you can go all day. With smaller machines we’ve had, you’re on the grease gun twice a day to keep the pins nice and lubed,” says Todd.

With a narrow chassis, the ET18 fits through tight passages. Together with the folding dozer blade, you can easily reach places that are difficult to access with other excavators.

And if you’re operating in warm climates like Todd and his crew in Queensland, even in hot weather this machine keeps going. The ET18’s high thermal resistance means you can keep working in temps up to 45°C.

Todd’s so glad he found this small excavator that produces the results his jobs need, which is crucial for his bottom line.

Easy servicing

The ET18 is simple to service, which can save your crew valuable time, having a positive impact on your bottom line.

“It’s extremely easy to service with the way the attachments come. The filters are all accessible, says Todd.”

The detachable side covers and a wide-opening engine hood that gives you easy access to the parts, making oil and filter changes quick and simple.

The less downtime your machine has, the better its profitability.

Keeping operators safe

Alex is a part of Todd’s crew. He’s a tall guy and thanks to the generous head and leg room, the adjustable seat, the cabin gives him the space he needs to operate without getting a crick in his neck or hunch in his shoulders.

The ET18’s entrance was generously designed to let operators like Alex get in and out easily, though with the convenience of its hydraulic quick hitch system, a unique feature for a compact excavator of this size, he’s not in and out of the machine all day.

“The quick hitch is fantastic. It saves me having to get on and off all day, swapping buckets,” says Alex.

The 2-part windscreen opens if Alex wants extra airflow, but the cabin is still well-ventilated when it’s closed and provides that added protection from bad weather.

The roof window gives Alex a better all-round view, increasing safety on a construction site. With a clear view in all directions, he can react quickly to hazards.
But the safety feature he likes the best?

“The thing I like most about this machine is the VDS. It’s saved me from rolling over quite a few times. You can get into harder spots that you can’t do it with a machine that doesn’t have it.”

See the Wacker Neuson ET18 in action

Call 1300 166 166 or visit your local branch to book a demo of the Wacker Neuson ET18 compact excavator.

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