Rubber Buffers

Rubber Buffers

Track Pads Australia by Conplant supplies Anti Vibration Rubber mounts and buffers that are made from top quality, heavy duty rubber to keep you moving.



Not just tracks and pads.


We also stock a range of specialty drum mounts and rubber buffers, wear parts for pavers, excavators and earthmoving equipment plus undercarriage components for a range of excavators and pavers.



Tear Resistant Rubber

The material used in all of our products has a high tensile strength thanks to tear resistant rubber with a standard sheer loading capacity.

The steel plates are sand blasted and then individually electroplated and enameled to prevent rusting to help ensure a strong bond with the rubber.

During construction, the rubber and steel plates are pressurised under high temperature vulcanisation to make sure the composition is evenly stabilised for the best performance.



Curated by a team of experts to last longer and save you money.


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