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Meet Max Willemse

By Liam Brosnan
September 9, 2022
Max 450 x 590

Max Willemse

Max has been an integral part of the Conplant team for 20 years. He reflects on his time in the industry and casts an eye on what is coming next.

We recently celebrated an amazing milestone for one of our long-standing Conplant team members, Max Willemse. We’re so proud of our people at Conplant and Max is a prime example!

He is currently looking after new equipment and the day-to-day running of one of the Conplant workshops. Max remembers his first day with a hint of embarrassment, due to having to ask a colleague to squeeze into a machine he was servicing as he knew he’d get stuck.

“I had to crawl into the belly of it to do a job there. And ahhh… it was too tight. So we had to find a thinner fellar to get in. Thank god we don’t have those machines anymore!”

Originally from the Blue Mountains, Max now resides on the sunny Gold Coast. He loves to make the most of the Queensland lifestyle and go bushwalking, fossicking, and 4WDing. He’s also a keen fisherman and a big supporter of the Penrith Panthers. 

We’ve created a family here at Conplant and Max has been an integral family member over the past 2 decades. He’s someone who knows the industry inside and out and we’re all proud to have him by our side.

Max loves all machinery and chatting about the way the industry has developed in his time. He’s also very interested in what might come next.

Max provides an amazing leadership presence and is an all-round champion. People like Max are a huge part of the value we deliver at Conplant and after 42 years in the industry, he is a wealth of knowledge and unique insight.

Thanks Max — wishing you a very happy Conplant anniversary!

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