Develon DX27Z-7M

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON: Where Doosan's rich legacy meets tomorrow's innovation.

Meet the DEVELON DX27Z-7M Mini Excavator, an embodiment of compact power and maneuverability.

Engineered for ease of operation in confined spaces, this unit boasts a zero tail swing design and standard rotating piping. Its unique boom swing function enables efficient digging alongside walls or other obstructions.

Safety is prioritised with ROPS certification, and the thumb wheel joystick enhances function control.

Backed by a robust 36-month / 3000-hour warranty and award-winning service, the DX27 offers seamless operation and peace of mind.

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36 month / 3000 hour warranty

Durability and efficiency with DEVELON's standard rotating piping

The standard application of rotating piping in DEVELON’s mini excavators represents an advancement in design that enhances machine performance and durability.

This feature allows the hydraulic pipes to rotate with the machine, reducing the strain and potential damage to the hydraulic system during operation. It significantly decreases the risk of leaks or breaks in the hydraulic piping, reducing maintenance needs and prolonging the lifespan of the machinery.

By incorporating rotating piping as a standard feature, DEVELON ensures that their mini excavators are more reliable and cost-effective, leading to less downtime and a more efficient workflow. In the long run, this feature can contribute to significant savings in repair and maintenance costs.

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON is a combination of the words ‘Develop,’ and ‘Onwards.’

The new brand name encompasses the direction of HDI to move onward to the future through innovation and its willingness to relentlessly change the world with innovative products and solutions.

DEVELON's boom swing function expands operational flexibility

The boom swing function in DEVELON’s mini excavators provides a valuable advantage when working in extremely narrow areas.

This feature allows the operator to swing the boom to the side, enabling them to access and work in tight spaces that would otherwise be challenging or impossible to reach.

By utilizing the boom swing function, you can maneuver the excavator effectively and precisely, even when confronted with obstacles such as walls, structures, or other machinery. 

Optimised efficiency in tight spaces

The DX27 features a zero-tail swing design, delivering superior performance in confined spaces.

This design ensures the excavator’s rear stays within the tracks width during rotation, avoiding collisions and enhancing safety.

Operators can work confidently and efficiently in tight job sites, reducing repositioning time and minimizing potential damage. The zero-tail swing design boosts productivity, operator confidence, and overall job site safety.

Precision at your fingertips with thumb wheel joystick control

DEVELON’s mini excavators feature a thumb wheel joystick, providing operators with precise control and maneuverability.

The thumb wheel joystick allows operators to easily manipulate the excavator’s functions, such as boom, arm, and bucket movements, with a simple thumb motion. This intuitive control system enables precise and accurate operation, enhancing efficiency and productivity on the job site.

The ergonomic design of the thumb wheel joystick ensures operator comfort, reducing fatigue during long hours of operation. With the thumb wheel joystick, operators can work with confidence, achieving optimal control over the mini excavator’s movements and achieving precise results in various excavation tasks.

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