Develon DX50Z-7

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON: Where Doosan's rich legacy meets tomorrow's innovation.

Introducing the DEVELON  DX50 Mini Excavator, where compact size meets formidable performance.

Experience precise control with the proportional flow rate system, enhanced maintenance accessibility, and exceptional visibility from one of the market’s most spacious cabins.

From intricate earthmoving tasks to extended operations, the DEVELON Mini Excavator prioritizes operator comfort without compromising control, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

With a comprehensive 36 month / 3000-hour warranty and award-winning service from Conplant, the DEVELON Mini Excavator guarantees reliability and efficiency in every job.

The best equipment, only at Conplant.

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36 month / 3000 hour warranty

Precision control at your command

Explore an unprecedented level of operational control with the DEVELON DX50 Mini Excavator.

Develon’s engineering excellence allows operators to proportionally control the hydraulic flow rate, offering precise adjustments to the speed and intensity of hydraulic movements.

Whether digging, lifting, or performing other operations, this innovative feature provides enhanced precision and adaptability, optimising performance to meet varying job site conditions and requirements.

Minimize the risk of damage and maximize efficiency with the DX50’s proportional flow rate control, and experience a new standard of precision and flexibility in your excavation tasks.

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON is a combination of the words ‘Develop,’ and ‘Onwards.’

The new brand name encompasses the direction of HDI to move onward to the future through innovation and its willingness to relentlessly change the world with innovative products and solutions.

Maintenance made simple

Designed with operators in mind, the DEVELON DX50 Mini Excavator simplifies maintenance like never before.

All components, filters, and refilling points are conveniently accessible from ground level, saving time and effort on routine checks and servicing. Whether it’s filter replacement, fluid level checks, or routine inspections, ground-level access streamlines these essential tasks, reducing downtime and maximizing machine performance.

Experience how DEVELON’s commitment to accessibility can enhance your maintenance practices, ensuring optimal operation and efficiency on every job.

Unmatched comfort and space

Delve into a spacious, comfortable working environment with the DEVELON DX50 Mini Excavator.

Designed with one of the most generous cabins in the market, it provides ample room for operators, reducing fatigue during extended hours of operation. This ergonomic design allows for free movement, comfortable operation, and even storage for personal belongings, tools, and equipment.

With DEVELON’s dedication to operator well-being, experience how a spacious cab can contribute to improved productivity, focus, and an overall more enjoyable working experience.

Experience an enhanced field of vision

Designed for excellent all-round visibility, this machine features large windows and strategically positioned mirrors, offering operators clear visibility of their surroundings and minimizing blind spots.

Navigate busy job sites and tight spaces with confidence, maintaining high situational awareness and detecting potential hazards with ease. DEVELON’s commitment to superior visibility promotes safety, reduces the risk of accidents, and optimizes operational efficiency on every job site.

Experience the difference with the DX50’s exceptional visibility today.

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