Develon DX80R

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON: Where Doosan's rich legacy meets tomorrow's innovation.

Meet the DEVELON  DX80 Mini Excavator, blending superior performance with operational efficiency.

Its design promotes outstanding job site visibility, while an ergonomic dozer control lever ensures effortless precision. 

The DX80’s large arm cylinder powers your excavation tasks, complemented by easy-access maintenance and Conplant’s award-winning service.

A robust 36-month/3000-hour warranty underscores our commitment to quality. With the DEVELON DX80, experience excellence on every job site.

The best equipment, only at Conplant.

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36 month / 3000 hour warranty

Efficiency optimised

The DEVELON DX80 Mini Excavator redefines efficiency, combining electronic optimization of hydraulic systems with a new generation engine.

This blend maximizes hydraulic power distribution and minimizes energy waste, resulting in quicker cycle times and heightened performance.

The advanced engine controls ensure precise fuel management, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency. With the DX80, operators benefit from increased production and lower fuel costs, fostering sustainable, profitable operations. Experience the synergy of technology and efficiency with DEVELON.

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON is a combination of the words ‘Develop,’ and ‘Onwards.’

The new brand name encompasses the direction of HDI to move onward to the future through innovation and its willingness to relentlessly change the world with innovative products and solutions.

Unrivaled 360° visibility ensures safety

The DEVELON DX80 Mini Excavator offers unparalleled visibility, providing operators a 360° visual field for comprehensive situational awareness.

Equipped with large windows, strategically placed mirrors, and advanced camera systems, this machine guarantees clear views from all angles. By minimizing blind spots and enabling hazard detection, the DX80 fosters safety and confidence, even in challenging work environments.

The commitment to superior visibility ensures safer, more efficient operations with DEVELON.

Dozer control for precise maneuverability

The DEVELON DX80 Mini Excavator introduces an ergonomically placed Dozer Control Lever on the right-hand control stand, optimizing operator comfort and accuracy.

This effortless control design allows for precise blade manipulation, enhancing accuracy in earthmoving and grading tasks. The design not only minimizes fatigue but boosts overall productivity by offering intuitive control and ease of operation.

With DEVELON DX80, operators enjoy comfortable and efficient control for successful job site operations.

Streamlined Maintenance, the DEVELON advantage

DEVELON’s equipment is uniquely engineered for easy and efficient maintenance.

Convenient side access to vital engine components allows for swift inspections and upkeep, keeping your machine at peak performance with minimal downtime.

Designed with operator convenience in mind, DEVELON  ensures your maintenance procedures are as smooth as your operations, highlighting their commitment to operational efficiency and longevity of their equipment.

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